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I own a successful drop shipping business that just made 100k in sales last month and expecting 650k total for this year

I’m a 25 years old entrepreneur who failed a lot of businesses in the past. I made my first website at 8 years old and since then, I’ve been making websites for fun and trying to get some revenu here and there. When I was 22 years old, I started my business while I was in University (Computer science) to generate a side income. After my website was online, I got my first sale without advertising it within 1 or 2 days (I can’t exactly remember). Continue reading

We are two 22 year olds who own a multi-million dollar Online Headshop

In the beginning of 2014, my partner (Darby) and I (Sean) started because we saw a need in our industry for a clean, well-built, online headshop that provided good customer service, and fast shipping speeds. At the time, none of our competitors were transparent, honest, or even fulfilled orders promptly. We started out with about $800. Continue reading

From 0 to over $30,000 revenue in 6 months.

I wanted to share my own story of how I’ve managed to start a successful side business in a niche market. About 6 months ago I was looking to create furniture for my apartment as I was frustrated with the idea of paying retail prices for furniture that I considered would likely be easy enough to make on my own, it turns out I was not alone. I have always been a fan of hairpin legs, which are a style of steel furniture legs which have been around for ages and are clean and simple in design. I bought a set for a coffee table I was making and was convinced that I could make them better than the set that I had purchased, and market them better as well. It had the potential to be a very straight-forward and simple side business. As someone who has worked in branding and web development over the past 5 years, I’ve found it to be quite tiring providing a service and trading time for money day in, day out, and I was anxious to start selling a physical product that could provide me with another form of revenue. Continue reading

How to find the right products to sell online

As an entrepreneurship major, the main idea our professors planted in us was that we had to reinvent the wheel, and then create a viral marketing plan that creates an explosive company and last for a few years, and then you repeat. Well, being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to reinvent anything. You simply want to find a niche, find a problem or gap, come up with a solution that provides value to the user, and then create a way to inform the user that your solution exists. Continue reading

9 years after starting my first biz in my mom’s basement, and 4 companies later – these are my biggest takeaways so far…

It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years. But it’s been an epic journey, and as I start my 4th business I have been reflecting a lot. I started writing this for myself as a journal entry of sorts but thought some of it may be of value to those of you who are just starting out.

But first, a bit about my history.

I have been the founder of 3 companies and a partner (but not a founder) of one. Continue reading