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A case study on how we got a client to get clicks on her Facebook ad for £0.09 and highly targeted leads for just £0.52.

Just a case study on how we got a client to get clicks on her ad for £0.09 and highly targeted leads for just £0.52.

Let’s start off with the client’s business. She sells a premium coaching product for £500 and upwards. Her target market is people aged 40-65, who are looking to transition careers. Assuming she converts just 1% of her highly targeted leads, that’s a RoAS of 1500% or more. Sounds like a pretty effective and profitable campaign to me! Continue reading

If you’re running a service business, here’s a great way to grow it and get a 5-15x return using Facebook Ads

FACT: You can put your ad in front of 10,000 people that need whatever you’re selling for about $100-200.

Facebook allows you to laser target people, to the extent that you can target cat-loving single moms who listen to Coldplay and play volleyball in their free time.

Whatever (almost) your market is, you can laser target them on Facebook and put your message in front of them.

The problem is, advertising on Facebook is a bit different than on other platforms. Continue reading

How To Get $7.27 in Sales For Every $1 Invested in Facebook ads

Many entrepreneurs and companies struggle to breach online markets and turn profitable, so we’ve decided to share our recent experience.

Around 3 months ago I’ve meet Jonathan Miller, top-notch marketer & co-founder of Breeo Industries, company that manufactures smoke-reducing fire pits.

Breeo Industries just started advertising online – their Facebook Page counted less than 200 likes. Continue reading