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Ideas and stories about how to make money with low budget

  • It’s not a get rich quick internet tech drop-shipping 4 hours a year business, but if you enjoy working with electronics and have the time to devote to learning the skill (and doing the work), $2k isn’t bad for getting into mobile phone repair. Lot’s of great free resources out there.

Start small and slow, make sure you have customers and the desire to do the business. Your primary costs will be in having stock of the most common spare parts.

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Short stories about success in working from home .

  • I work in software procurement for a fortune 100 company and am fully remote. I actually didn’t even know it could be a remote job until after I joined. I started on a team of 5 people in the US and 15 people internationally. Eventually, everyone from the US quit and they were all replaced by internationals. Ever since then, I just stopped showing up to the office, moved about 900 miles away, and no one noticed or cared.



  • I’m a programmer and write software that I sell. Occasionally do freelance work to supplement income too.

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Cool stuff happens when you finally take action

it starts off in a familiar way: The Four-Hour Workweek. That book got me hooked on finding a muse and the idea of passive income. The freedom to do whatever you wanted? Hell yes. The problem was, I didn’t have any good ideas. Each one I tried was half-assed, and I kept moving onto the next.

Fast forward about two years and I had consumed literally thousands upon thousands of online content – articles, podcasts, videos, books. Every time I’d read an article, I’d be hopeful and think “this is the one”. But it never was. Continue reading

Web Design: Only started in Jan this year, making over $10,000 consistently every month. Lots of lessons

I started a small web development company this year in January and I wanted to document my journey from making nothing for the first few months up to a steady income of over $10,000 a month. This isn’t all profit as I will explain but it’s been good so far and my best month was $17,000+. Apologies for my rant-ish writing and hopefully some of you get some value out of this.

*** This isn’t some magic get rich formula but it is a great way to learn some useful skills and get paid decent money to help people’s businesses. Also, the profit and skills can be quickly used to start your own business. It takes a lot of work though and plenty of hours sitting at your computer – just want to be realistic from the start! *** Continue reading