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In 3 years, I have grown my side service business from zero to 30k this year.some lessons/tips from the journey so far.

Before I get into it I want to mention I am extremely fortunate to have a full-time job as a firefighter that allows me to work at the business more than the average 40 hour a week 9-5. But with that being said, this business could be run by someone wanting extra money working on Saturday and Sundays.

Back in 2013 working part-time for a tree guy, I noticed the need for stump grinding in my area. It was the perfect business for me, the startup cost was minimal compared to other business and I could run it part time keeping it simple as owner operated. Also unlike other businesses, I could pause and start whenever I wanted, and at the time I was only looking for an extra 1,000 a month or so. Continue reading

some highly profitable but unpopular/not well-known businesses

  • I grew up in the mountains outside of silicon valley. My friend’s dad is known as the “mountain millionaire”. He’s made his millions doing stuff like this; A tree falls on someone’s property. He charges them to cut it and haul it away. He then splits it into firewood and sells it for quite a decent profit. so he’s getting paid at all stops. he also does this with dirt. gets paid to haul dirt away from a landslide by the county. (we’re talking hundreds of thousands of pounds of dirt) he then gets paid to deliver it to construction sites and whoever else needs good dirt filler. literally making $1000’s a day to pick up dirt and drop it somewhere else.

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Short stories about success in working from home .

  • I work in software procurement for a fortune 100 company and am fully remote. I actually didn’t even know it could be a remote job until after I joined. I started on a team of 5 people in the US and 15 people internationally. Eventually, everyone from the US quit and they were all replaced by internationals. Ever since then, I just stopped showing up to the office, moved about 900 miles away, and no one noticed or cared.



  • I’m a programmer and write software that I sell. Occasionally do freelance work to supplement income too.

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making a living by buying websites with proven history of earnings and income!

I make my living by buying websites with proven history of earnings and income. I started about 5 years ago with $2500 and earn a nice living at the moment. Even after almost 1.5 years of traveling and partying with very little work. But it takes a lot of learning at the beginning as there is a ton of scammers who make their best to sell you worthless site for a ton of cash.

I studied an insane number of blogs for over a year before buying the first website. And also countless hours on the marketplace where the websites were sold. The tricky part is that the scammers evolve quickly and it’s very difficult to give an exact checklist which would make it easy for your to spot them. It’s often a combination of subtle things that do not add up. There isn’t (as far as I know) any good course on how to buy sites. Continue reading

a 2.5 year old consulting services company. We had sales of over $400,000 this year with plans to scale to $1M next year.

We are a software development services consultancy (yes, it’s tech, but that’s a detail of our production team and the model works across many sectors).

We maintained a very thin profit margin through Q3 due to this rapid (read: risky) growth and took a small loss in Q4 2016 when a few big deals that delayed into the new year. The team I’ve built now at a point where our capacity can sustain roughly $1.2M/year.

Q and A

What was your main method of acquiring clients? Are you just planning to scale that method or are you trying something different? Continue reading

This is how I came up with good business ideas

Every time I want to start a new business I get attached to it. I get this feeling that if it doesn’t work I’m going to fail, and I’ll never have my own business. That’s why I decided that I want to make a list of 100 business ideas. I was able to finish it in 3 days. Here’s how I did it:


The first 45 ideas were easy to come up with because I already had them. I built the habit of writing ideas down: every time I come up with an idea, I write it down. What tends to happen is I have ideas come from nowhere, and, because I don’t write them down, I forget about them. However, since starting this habit, my list is always growing. Every time I read the list I am surprised at the ideas I had come up with but already forgotten! Another way I get ideas is discovering solutions to problems. I found that these solutions tend to be great opportunities for business ideas. Every time you have an idea come to you, write it down immediately. I know that if you say “I’ll write it down later”, chances are you won’t. The first 45 business ideas were easy, but I still had 55 more ideas to go. Continue reading