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Ideas and stories about how to make money with low budget

  • It’s not a get rich quick internet tech drop-shipping 4 hours a year business, but if you enjoy working with electronics and have the time to devote to learning the skill (and doing the work), $2k isn’t bad for getting into mobile phone repair. Lot’s of great free resources out there.

Start small and slow, make sure you have customers and the desire to do the business. Your primary costs will be in having stock of the most common spare parts.

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Making money with ATM machines!

I bought an ATM for $1000, all in with the set-up was probably $1200. I’m netting $100/mo now…so yeah, decent ROI.

Caveat* I have access to a good location.

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I’d like to hear more about this. Where is it set up? Do you pay utilities, transaction fees? Where do buy one?

A/I’m in Denver, bought a used machine from a place “Advanced Technology Management” (who have been really great). They set up pretty much everything, all I had to do was put money in it and plug it in. Continue reading

Short stories of hobbies that become successful businesses

  • A number of years ago, I decided to start a blog and write up the projects I was already messing with for other people to learn from, with the end goal of maybe making a few bucks from advertising to fund hobby supplies. It wasn’t long until a random stranger found my blog and sent me an e-mail. “Hey, I saw you fixed a radio. I have that same radio, and money. Can we work something out?” So I took my first commercial job.

Fast-forward to today and now I own a stereo repair shop serving customers across the country, and I write a magazine column based mostly on my blog posts.

My local competition is all about to retire (not to mention most non-local competition)….things are going to get interesting in the next 3-5 years.

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some highly profitable but unpopular/not well-known businesses

  • I grew up in the mountains outside of silicon valley. My friend’s dad is known as the “mountain millionaire”. He’s made his millions doing stuff like this; A tree falls on someone’s property. He charges them to cut it and haul it away. He then splits it into firewood and sells it for quite a decent profit. so he’s getting paid at all stops. he also does this with dirt. gets paid to haul dirt away from a landslide by the county. (we’re talking hundreds of thousands of pounds of dirt) he then gets paid to deliver it to construction sites and whoever else needs good dirt filler. literally making $1000’s a day to pick up dirt and drop it somewhere else.

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Any interest in Blue Collar Businesses?

I’m somewhat frustrated with the thought that so many people who want to be entrepreneurs, feel that they have to build an app or start some kind of virtual company selling products. But there are not many people educating in the Blue Collar spaces. I have a feeling, that there are many people out there who would love to make over 100k per year and control their own schedule. They also may NOT want to be a CEO of a big company.

I want to point out that there is A LOT of opportunity in the trade-based businesses. By taking your constant desire to improve and optimize, why not apply those skills to business who could use a TON of improvement or optimizing? Continue reading