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from poor homeless to worth over 3m$ by his 39th birthday

I’m 39 and worth just over $3M. I’m from a very small, poor town in rural Texas (2 hrs from civilization). I went to college right out of HS, graduated, but had some challenges & ended up homeless. I spent a year living in a broken-down car in Los Angeles & sleeping on various floors across town. Eventually, I pulled myself out and started my climb.

How did you do it?: I got a job at a jewelry store at age 30 and quickly realized it was an out-dated, inefficient business model that requires stores to rape consumers on price in order to fund mammoth overhead costs. So, after 15 months learning as much as I could, I left to get my Graduate Gemology Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America. At the same time, I started helping friends with small diamond purchases (overwhelmingly for engagement rings). 8 years later, I no own a thriving diamond import & jewelry design company. Continue reading

Thinking of getting into cell phone repair? Here is my $.02 after 3 years of experience.

I’ve been selling cell phones for the last 4 years or so. I migrated into the cell phone repair business after noticing a big need for it in my town, this was about 3 years ago, and its been working well for me ever since. I make more repairing cell phones than I do selling them. So, here is a little (or longish) write up on tools and things that you might need, if you were thinking about starting up your own racket. I have zero problems sharing what I learned because this is more of a locally run business. If someone breaks a phone… they will want to physically drop it off to you, and pick it up later. Continue reading

Q and A about making easy money from vending machines!

My sister and I. We have about 6 vending machines around county offices and a rec center. make a good $1000 a month after expenses.We actually ‘inherited’ the money makers at the county offices when the guy running them retired and just transferred it to us. We expanded further and are looking to grow, cause it’s easy damn money.

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How much effort is required to maintain them? Seems like a gig one would never retire from. Continue reading

How cleaning up and removing dead body odors made me $54,897.64 and the business lessons I learned from it that went on to make me six figures.


It was back in 2002 and I had been mucking around with chemicals in my garage for a few years, tweaking and testing a formulation for treating cat urine odor. I knew the product worked well, I had done suitable testing on a range of applications with favorable feedback, so I created a brand and launched the business. The need for this product came about by our family inheriting a relative’s cat who peed everywhere inside the house including a fruit bowl…. but that is another story..and yes it had fruit in it and yes we ate it not knowing why it tasted salty. 🙂   Continue reading

Q and A about how to make money with ATM machines!


I just installed a 2nd ATM, it’s pulling in $600/mo., my other one is making about $200/mo. It takes me an hour on Monday’s to fill them up.

Many ATMs are not owned by the bank, but by other companies or individuals. When you pay a fee, it goes to whoever runs the ATM. You can go to places with foot traffic and see if the owner will let you put an ATM in their place, for a cut of the fees.

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