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I secured above $3 million / year in sales with my drop-shipping e-commerce.

I started my drop-shipping store just after failing three other projects with few hundred dollars left in my account. During the first 15 months, it hit 3M in revenues and I successfully sold it to our supplier in China.

Together with my partner who happened to be a great developer we automated everything we could – from generating Purchase Orders to tracking failed deliveries and auto-asking the supplier to reship the parcels.

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What is your net profit of that 3m?

What did you sell your business for?

Why sell? Continue reading

Lessons from expanding a site elapsed $1000 a month in a year.

While these results aren’t very impressive compared to some people, the fact I’ve done it with only 20 articles posted and with no link building, hardly any social media or much of a clue what I’m doing might be motivation for some of you!

Results so far

2016 Earnings

I started in January, didn’t get my first click through to Amazon for two months (I had 2 clicks in March). In June I made my first sale and earned a huge $2.12, and from there the snowball really took off with earnings doubling or more every month since. Continue reading

How I literally started an Amazon business in about 1 month for about $1K

Hey, guys. Listen. This is not a plug for anything, this is me trying to help you. In my opinion, all the info you need to start an Amazon business is on YouTube, Reddit, and podcasts. In my humble opinion, you’d be a fool to pay thousands for a course or bootcamp, when you could spend that on a product.

I did it with $1k and in about a month. Below is how I did it, step by step, with very specific examples from my process. Before I dove into this world, the phrase “start a business” was intimidating to me. What? How? Isn’t that for Stanford MBA’s, folks with millions of dollars, etc.? Don’t you need an earth-shattering idea that will change the world? No, and NO!!! You need some common sense, willingness to put in about 100 hours in a month, and a thousand bucks. Note: if you have anything more than $1000 to devote to this, it only makes it easier, but I did this with less than $1000. Continue reading