employee loyalty means nothing to the company(lots of discussions and examples inside)

Loyalty to a company means nothing to the company

employee loyalty is not that important.


  • Yep, I figured that out last year with my job. Now I’m just cruising along until I find something better.
  1. It’s ok to like or love your job or the people you work with. But always remember that you are a replaceable cog to the company.
  2. The way it was taught to me was, “You can love your job, but never love the company because it will never love you back.”
  3. You either accept that you are a replaceable cog to the company or become an irreplaceable asset.
  • I’ve hated every job I’ve ever had. Even if I get paid well or find the work (IT) interesting I think it’s just disdain for corporate America and corporate culture in general and I don’t know what to do other than just do my best to keep it to myself.


  1. I had the same issues with my last job. Hated working for a corporation. Disliked my coworkers.Turns out I can work the same job at a University instead, where I get paid a little less but the fringe benefits are enormous. I’m part of a small team and my boss actually gives a shit about things running smoothly.It’s like a dream come true.
  2. I absolutely relate to this. I also work in IT and hated every workplace or company, until I landed a job at a gaming company. The difference is astounding, in terms of corporate culture. I love my job and really like the company, but I remind myself all the time that I can just as easily be replaced. So I work hard to become someone that is irreplaceable.
  • Even when they say that it does… Even when the average tenure is 18 years… They give zero shits about you.


  • Kind of depends on the company. If you work for a small mom and pop type store they may actually value your loyalty to them. You work for some mega corporation like the vast majority of people do, then they use loyalty to keep you in line and working for peanuts, i learned this very young and straight out of high school started a continued adventure to find a place that would pay more and have better benefits, this sometimes leads me to stay at a place for a time to get more experience and sometimes this meant jumping from job to job. Sadly I’m disabled now (nonwork-related). But id advise anyone to keep looking for a job even after you have one. Always look to move up and forward, don’t get stuck anywhere by some perceived loyalty. Only you can improve your life and you have to be an active participant.
  1. It’s a trade off. If you work for a small mom and pop type store, there are no opportunities for advancement and your salary is capped low. The only way to move up and make any money is to move to a larger organization (in which you will ALWAYS be replaceable. Never think otherwis.
  2. That’s because, in case of a big company, “corporation” or “they” is not a person. Or 2, or 10. It’s an institution. You can’t expect emotion from an abstract structure. Your boss may like you, but he’s not “they”, he is just another employee.

While in a small company “they” are actually one or two people who can have an emotional attitude towards you

  • Hopefully, you’re still quite young. That’s not one you want to learn for the first time when you’re older.

my stepfather lost his job yesterday. he’s been there 15 years, had a fairly high up position at a very recognizable and large food company.

15 years, took a ten minute meeting to tell him he’s done.

he can be a dick at times but he was damn good at what he did. a new boss above my stepfather they got two years ago didn’t think that way. i don’t know what my family is going to do.

  • This. I’m 24 and have put my heart and soul into the company I currently work for. I’m doing three separate people’s jobs for one person’s pay. The rest of my team has quit, including the manager, except for me and one other dispatcher. I’ve been doing so much extra work since 2015 and I’ve done it flawlessly. The customers know and love me, everyone knows I know how to help and solve everything, etc.. I applied for the manager position and got fucked by some random with no experience in the field. I’m still making 13.76 an hour and I’m pissed every day I come in here.


  • I’m learning this right now. I’ve been very loyal to the company I currently work for.I’m taking my first vacation ever, and all week various people from work have been messaging me to do work tasks, even though they know I’m off this week. I ignored them.


  • found an article once… I think it was in “Mother Jones” or something… but it was a clinical description of a company as a “benevolent sociopath”.”I love my company! They love me back!” – Nope… They’ll cut your entire department if it suits them. Even that nice lady who’s worked there 35 years. Happened to my Dad.Be the asshole in the relationship with your company. Not getting paid enough? Leave/Negotiate Want a new role? Leave/Negotiate.Basically, anytime the relationship looks rocky, leave.
  1. This is a good strategy. Just be careful how often you leave. If your resume has you changing jobs every year, nobody will hire you,
  • Losing my job in a month, been here 6 years. No idea what to do next. Can agree. Just another cog.
  1. It sucks. I slept badly for 2 days then said to myself “their loss”. Which it honestly is, not bragging. I poured way more energy into that job than was needed. But I took some time for myself and work at home, then found something new.
  • I’ve seen people at my company get an award for loyalty and achievement and get laid off the next week. I’ve seen people work their asses off in understaffed departments and get laid off the next day. Because I’m the only person doing my job and it can’t be outsourced (yet) I’m fairly secure, but I also keep getting more work and every excuse in the book to not get a raise. I need to find a new job but I commute so long each day I barely have time.


  • However being indispensable or particularly good at your job can mean they want to keep you. I told my work I had a job offer elsewhere at a substantial increase and was offered a raise to stay.
    I am lucky that the corporate environment I work in is fairly decent – I know many other places are far worse.