My Experience making money with Adsense

I wanted to share a little bit of luck that I’ve had with a website and making money from Adsense. I’m not going to share the site for obvious reasons but I’ll share the stats with you. Hopefully, it will give people some insight into what kind of money you can expect to earn if you plan to go the AdSense monetization route.

The site is just a single page where users can play a game. The game isn’t unique, it’s actually a game that people have been playing for a long time and the rights don’t belong to anyone. There is a section on how to play, and a section on strategy just to give the site a little bit of content, but I haven’t changed it in months.

SEO Right now it’s on the first page of the yahoo and bing when just the name of the game is queried. On google, it’s on the first page but only for terms like “play [game]” but not just the game name itself. I have done no link building or SEO to date (edit: except naming the site play[game], so it’s pretty much dumb luck that it’s gotten to where it has. Funny story, I actually just threw the site up a couple of years ago using open source code, and let it sit without promoting at all. After the year was up, I let it expire and hadn’t been paying attention to it at all. About a month after it expired, I looked at my Adsense account and noticed that about 5 months prior it started generating a minute bit of money. One month was like $2 bucks, then $5 the next, then $15. Adsense doesn’t pay me out until I reach $100, so I had no idea. I went back and bought the domain again as soon as I realized, and it continued to climb until it got where it is today.

$$$$$$$ It now makes between $350 and $520 a month. December was great I’m guessing because everyone was shopping for Christmas and clicking on ads, and that’s when I topped out at 520. It slumped back down to $430 in January.

Traffic Here is a snapshot of the google analytics over the past month:

Hopefully, this will provide some context on the kind of traffic you need to make money using AdSense for those interested in going that route. Feel free to ask any questions and I would be glad to hear of strategies for making even more money. I feel like with 250k page views I ought to be making more than 400-500 per month, but I’m really not sure.

Q and A

That’s a lot better than what I’m getting through Adsense.

The game: Pizza Presser

I get around 6000 Players a month and I am lucky if I make $20 a month.Any tips?

A/Yeah certainly. 6000 players a month is not small, so you should definitely be making more.

Here is a couple of things I’ve learned:

1) Pay attention to the google Adsense recommendations. I have two tower ads, one on each side of the game that’s being played. Initially, I had the 120×600 ones. Google recommended that I change to 160×600 and I saw a decent uptick from that

2) If you can, have the page refresh after each play of the game. I’m not sure if you already do that, but initially, I had mine setup so that every time you restarted the game, it was done asynchronously using js. You actually want a full page to reload in this instance to get a new ad and another page view that will increase the likelihood something relevant to that user shows.

If I were you, I would clean up the layout a little bit. There’s a lot going on and it’s a little confusing. Also, don’t be shy with your ads. You are providing entertainment, and you deserve to get paid for your work. Make enough space to include a leaderboard ad that is 728×90 or tower ads like the ones I use that are 160×600. You’ll see a huge uptick

Hey. I have a big site with 3 Million sessions a month in online games. I can suggest the following stuff for you with pure guesswork without seeing the site.

  1. Put the ads closer to the game since your ctr is 0.5% you might have some space till you get to 150px away ( AdSense rules )
  2. do you use Adsense for games? It should certainly help
  3. If the game has series etc. or you can find relevant games add more games and slowly build a community around it, if they play more than 1 game then your revenue will increase too.

PS: How can you have 13.3pages per session and 5% bounce rate though with a single page site? Strange stats never saw less than 10% bounce in the gaming industry

A/Thanks for the advice. I haven’t looked into AdSense for game at all so I’m doing that now. I’ve also started building out similar games on separate domains and linking to them from the main one, which is a nice way of generating initial traffic to the new one.

Regarding the bounce rate: The game requires multiple levels to complete, and for each page level there is a refresh and their state is stored using cookies.