OFFLINE money methods that can make fast money.

simple & fast offline methods for all of us to implement.  so we won’t be competing with each other. This can benefit everybody: young, old, rich and poor. Best thing is, unlike online, we won’t be targeting whole countries but only our local cities. We can all make some additional money.

  • Fixing expensive laptops from water damage. Louis Rossmann has a great channel for learning the skills


  • Flipping items on local buy swap sell sites (Gumtree, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc.). Buy low, sell high.I’ve found that if you import a bunch of $10 smart watches (or any low-priced gadget type product) then list them locally with free delivery, they sell quite well. I was making $10 a watch (selling them for $20) and they were my best seller by far.

    At one point in time, I had 10+ products and paid the $25 fee for each listing that Gumtree charged to promote the listings on the homepage, top of each category, highlighted, etc. for max exposure, and made a few hundred in weekly profit on the side. All cash sales, just have to list down the address and go for a little drive and drop everything off once or twice weekly.

    I’d recommend picking up a $19 ‘Square’ card reader so that you can accept payments via card. Plugs into your smartphone and can manage everything through the app.

I Love This, one idea that always works for me no matter what is a home cleaning business. Simple, easy-to-start and has the lowest risk. While you’re going to need a van (maybe) and cleaning supplies, ignoring the somewhat highish cost to start-up- if done correctly- you can easily pull in between 5-10k a month.This works amazingly great when competition isn’t as caught up technologically and professionally.


  • I buy used and salvage cars from Copart auctions through a broker. Look for mostly high demand cars and trucks, Toyota Tacoma’s, tundras, anything specialty import like Toyota supra, Nissan GTR’s, or lifted trucks etc… You can typically find one or 2 cars a week that aren’t completely F’d up, and the bids go cheap.

Bought a 2001 BMW 325i for $475, buffed the paint, washed the carpets and had it professionally detailed for $100, then sold it 3 days later for $3,400. That’s just one example. Plenty of ways to make money!


  • Fix phones. A buddy of mine youtube how to fix his broken phone screen then started doing it for friends. It eventually turned into a drive to your house and fix your phone side hustle. That led to a kiosk in the mall, then store, and now he’s been at it for a good 4 years now and is opening up his second store, making bank.