We’ve sold over 100,000 anonymous bags of dicks around the world online and make a lot of money from it,crazy and smart idea!

  • I’ll be straight up, I thought this was the complete dumbest idea I’d ever heard when I first heard about it a few years ago but it turns out to be a very smart business. My wife is a stay at home mom and manages a Facebook group with at least a few hundred upper middle-class housewives across the US. About 6 months ago, envelopes with glitter dicks start showing up. Come to find out, this crap is like crack for stay at home moms with disposable income. Well fucking done sir, bravo.


  • It goes something like this:
  1. What a stupid crazy idea.
  2. Shit, they made 10 million dollars.
  3. Why can’t I have stupid ideas like that to make money?

  • What is your main channel of marketing (i.e. email, SEO, content marketing, etc.)?

A/Honestly, we have a balanced diet of many platforms….SEO, Google Ad Words, Social Media Marketing and Influencers, Email Marketing, etc. We’ve built our FB following to 160k and IG to 43k that we keep engaged with content and throw a promotion/product announcement out once and awhile.

I see a lot of businesses killing it with one platform (FB Ads, IG influencers), but if you want to build a sustainable business it’s important to hit all markets in my opinion. (As long as their getting ROI’s). – The Dick Guys

  • Do you ever have repeat business, or is it usually a one-time purchase?

A/We definitely have some repeat customers. I’m not sure the percentage. It’d probably be pretty low compared to other businesses. However, we have a fairly large email list that we use to send promotions and new products announcements and we do see a fair amount of orders from there.

  • I see you’ve branched out to other products. How much of your business is your core product vs your new merchandise?

A/I’d say the 80/20 principle applies here. Probably about 80% is our core product, but we’ve offered a lot of add-ons in the past that drive a good portion of that revenue: glitter, dick confetti, happy birthday cards, Christmas and Valentines Day Themed shipping boxes.

  • How does the day to day process of running and growing this business look for you? Take us through a day! Is it mostly optimizing and working with ads and SEO?

Also, what things that you did had the most impact on your growth?

A/Ya pretty much optimizing ads. Customer service. Working with the fulfillment center, keeping track of inventory levels. Creating new content for social media and email marketing. Thinking of and researching new product ideas. Basically running a business that just happens to be in the Dick Niche

  • To add to this…..we do see a lot of sites try to imitate with similar ideas. Sending shit or sending dirt to your friends, but haven’t seen much that has stuck like this (we’re still surprised sometimes). Sending candy shaped like dicks is harmless and most people enjoy the gummies. It’s a win-win for everyone
  • What was the time commitment when you started?

What was your startup costs? And did you run into anything unexpected?

Did you have a prelaunch marketing like telling friends and family or did just online advertising?


Time commitment was a day to put the site up/research suppliers and figure out costs.

Startup costs were $10 for the website (domain, plus free for 14 days to test it out). After there were orders I ordered a few dozen bags of dicks. Shipping inside Canada ended up being prohibitively expensive. It was literally less for the cost of the product, fulfillment, and shipping from the US than it was from my Canadian home.

I talked to friends, family, and customers at the bar I worked at for my first 6 customers.

It ended up going viral with thousands of orders just by those first 6 being sent out.